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BTEC Nationals Extended Diploma and A Level Subjects

As an outstanding tertiary college we offer Level 3 A level vocational equivalent course running full-time over 2 years and traditional AS and A level pathways

A Level Computing

As part of the practical elements our students study the concepts and constructs of programming, networking and the project lifecycle. The students learn to program in Python, SQL and basic HTML. Students all choose their own second year project and this involves producing a product on a large scale

Communication and Employability Skills

The aim of this unit is to ensure that students understand both the personal attributes valued by employers and the principles of communicating effectively whist developing effective communication skills and addressing their own personal development needs. We sometimes forget just how much of an impact development in this area is necessary. Students are often very intimidated and nervous when it comes to communication and by setting them realistic scenarios and allowing them to practice tasks should such as mock interviews and presentations in front of their peers and visiting employers, we build up their confidence and experience

Digital Graphics

In this unit, students will be expected to identify the technical requirements for the creation, storage and manipulation of complex artwork. Students will be required to produce original images using drawing packages and also to create and edit electronically captured images. Students will identify suitable images to enhance documents and use available tools and techniques to ensure that the finished document meets the user need. Using Adobe CC 2017 applications, which includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

Spreadsheet Modelling

Advanced Microsoft Excel. To enable students to use complex spreadsheet modelling in order to support organisational activities such as credit control, sales forecasting and stock analysis

Database Development

Students learn to understand the features of relational databases, will be able to design, create and populate a relational database and be able to test a relational database


Human Compter Interaction - UI and UX. The fundamental principles involved in designing user interfaces are discussed, with particular emphasis on perception, behaviour models and information processing. Specialist needs and the adaptation of interfaces to meet these varied needs will be examined

Controlling Systems Using IT

Using Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Robotics. The aim of this unit is to ensure students understand the requirements of control systems and control loop operations, know how data is represented in control systems and develop the skills required to design and implement control systems.

Project Planning with IT

Using Microsoft Project. The aim of this unit is to ensure students understand the processes and tools used for project management and are able to plan a project, follow the plan and review the project management process

Networking and Hardware

Managing Networks - Desktop support, computer hardware and operating systems. This unit examines the principles of network management, allowing students to understand the different functions and types of activity that network managers need to understand.

Event Driven Programming

Students are able to produce professional interfaces using visual studio inspiring them to add the magic of code behind these.

Event Driven Programming gives the students the opportunity to produce computer software based on forms (Windows), this is in line with software packages that students are familiar with using

Information Systems

The aim of this unit is to ensure students understand how organisations use information and the surrounding use of information, know about information systems and develop the skills necessary to produce management information

Responsive Web Design

This also encompasses clientside customisation using CSS3 and jQuery. The aim of this unit is to ensure students understand the fundamentals of cascading style sheets and scripting languages and are able to develop the skills required to implement web pages using these tools

Games Development

Using App Inventor, Scratch and Unity. This unit is intended to prepare students for the exciting and creative journey of designing, developing and testing computer game solutions using suitable tools, environments and techniques. It is an ideal starting point for students considering a game development career path

Web Server Scripting

Using PHP the aim of this unit is to enable students to understand and use web server scripting and investigate the common issues surrounding its use. When designing and building websites, a key issue for developers is the amount of control students can exert over how tasks are carried out

Virtual Reality

Using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive create, students create an environment for virtual reality (VR) training in areas with risky, difficult or costly training. The aim was to improve training response times and learning, to reduce training costs, and to provide a safe and realistic environment helping with health and safety(in development)


Some fine examples of our student work

Games Development portfolio work

Games Development

Using MIT Android App Developer and Gamemaker

Web Design portfolio work

Web Design

Harnessing HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 to create a website for a local charity

Animation portfolio work


HTML5 and Javascript for animation

e-Protfolio portfolio work

Portfolio Development (Web)

Using frameworks to develop an online presence and to aid personal development

Web Design portfolio work

Web Design Study

Harnassing online tools and frameworks for study and creation

Personal development portfolio work

Personal Development

Active learning at its best

About our Department

For a number of years now, evolving technology has been the driving force behind the shaping and modernisation of our IT curriculum. Many universities would be impressed by our team's skills, the state of the art facilities and resources

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    Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Bid Success

    We were successful in being awarded a significant local enterprise bid. This enabled us to invest in the very latest software such as the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite. This added real credibility to the students qualifications and highly sought after employability skills

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    Further Investment

    Capital bid success and a second significant LEP bid gave us the opportunity to align our curriculum further with the needs of local employers by investing in bespoke programming training for all staff. Computer Science has subsequently been embedded into the curriculum at all levels. While this has resulted in many challenges for staff and students alike, we firmly believe that this has enhanced students possible destinations and progression significantly

  • Oculus Rift


    Virtual Reality, Robotics and Drone Technolgy

    Further work to secure LEP funding continues to be successful with investment in the very latest emerging technologies now possible. Full class sets of Raspberry Pi's, Lego Mindstorms and Oculus Rift and HTC Vive investment. As well as adding obvious student engagement potential, this technology has allowed us to diversify what we deliver, particularly at level 3 and beyond. Many of the skills learned with this technolgy dove tails with the Local Enterprise priorities. In the future it is hoped that we can deliver Agritech and Food Service units to meet the direct needs of local employers

  • Robotics

    March 2017

    Local Enterprise Partnership Investment

    Our hard earned credibilty gained from previous LEP investment has now reached even greater levels. Further significant investment has allowed us to put together the final pieces of the jigasw that is the modernising of our curriculum. Adobe Creative cloud licenses have been extended, professional video and camera equipment have been invested in and an a more technical level of robotics have also been secured. This has been timed perfectly for the significant changes to vocational qualifications rolling out from September 2017

    Our networking lab has been completely modernised with a state of the art server capable of mirroring industry practices and will also allow the virtualisation of our systems. We have 4 complete sets of virtual reality headsets and the high specification computers required to run them. Growth and student engagement is at an all time high and as we launch our apprenticeship offer we are confident that all prospective employers and students will see the value and potential of the investments and improvements that we have made

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Our staff have a wealth of experience and come from a rich and diverse range of backgrounds, from coal mining, the armed forces, database development, professional programming and printing. Technical specialities ranging from business, to 3d gaming to networking

Oxanne Wilson

Oxanne Wilson

IT Lecturer and Course Leader

Tony Sables

Tony Sables

IT Lecturer and Course Leader

Steve Drew

Steve Drew

IT Lecturer and Course Leader